Re-Registration Request

Each installation of an AFD product is registered and activated for the computer on which it is licensed. On first installation, the program will operate for a short period, during which time you should use the AFD Welcome program provided, to register and activate the program.

Occasionally, due to system problems, or perhaps because you wish to transfer the program to a different machine, you may wish to re-register your program license. In order that we can re-register any copy of an AFD product, we simply require you request the licence be released by completing this form.

AFD products and the data provided are protected under the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, 1988 and International Copyright conventions.

Please read and complete the following statement in order that re-registration of the AFD product can be authorised:

I, , as a representative of

request re-registration of the following AFD product:

Serial Number: Account Code:

Number of licences requiring re-registration:

I confirm that any previous registration of the program and data has been completely removed.

The reason for this re-registration request is:

I understand that failure to disclose all registered copies of AFD products, or making false statements with regards to installed copies of AFD products, will be a breach of copyright ownerships and may result in legal action being taken.

Signed (enter full name) Dated

Once your request has been approved and the license token set up on our server, we can notify you by email - please enter your email address for this notification:

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